Partnerstack also allows affiliates to create their links and track their effectiveness. Relevant websites that attract the same target audiences as the advertiser but without competing with it are potential affiliate partners as well. Vendors or existing customers can also become recruits if doing so makes sense and does not violate any laws or regulations (such as with pyramid schemes).

This enables us to maximize value for our clients beyond simple management of their program. Your affiliate manager can draw on the best practices and learnings from previous campaigns to ensure that your affiliate program performs to its highest potential. That’s why we have an in-house team of data scientists who can analyze vast amounts of information across several programs, then advise on the best approach to take for maximal results. An affiliate manager is responsible for the success of an affiliate program and will assist in the management and scaling an online business. They should derive a plan to help recruit affiliates, manage affiliate promotions and negotiate deals between the affiliates and their clients. At Advertise Purple, our affiliate managers are key employees that usually has between 5-10 years of experience in affiliate management which means they know exactly how to manage your channel.

It offers a free service, as well as a paid one for $12 per seat, per month. Bluehost also has a tiered commission structure, so successful and loyal affiliates can earn up to $130 per sale. The upside is limitless, with affiliates like Ryan Robinson earning $9,400 per month through Bluehost alone.

The software supports 190 currencies and can do conversions in 170 – exchange rates are updated daily, and you can apply a custom exchange fee. LinkMink was founded in 2018 by Ky Palmer and Philip Alexander to serve Saas companies that want to grow their revenue by adding an affiliate program. Today FlexOffers works with over 10,000 advertisers, 65+ networks and agencies, and over 75K publisher programs.

If you’re remotely connected to the marketing world, you might have heard of “affiliate marketing,” “affiliate program,” and other related terms. Sign up for Shopify’s free trial to access all of the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business. However, promoting Liquid Web may take a bit more finessing and explanation.

No Need for an Online Presence to Get Results

They can onboard new affiliates, resolve technical queries, and ensure that publisher activities adhere to program guidelines. Good affiliate managers are hard to find but you can easily train a top affiliate manager. If you’re looking to hire one and do not want an agency, here are the things to look for to help ensure they have the proper skill sets and to list within an affiliate manager job description. Launch your affiliate program today and unlock a new revenue channel to grow your business faster.

The decision to create an affiliate program imposes additional responsibilities and expenses for the services you need to run an affiliate program. Depending on a chosen solution, you will need to either conduct a thorough analysis of the existing solutions or devote a considerable amount of time to business analysis and software development from scratch. When creating a partner program, you will need to choose payment terms to offer to your publishers. Before you make a decision, you need to understand the most common affiliate commissions.

Affise BI provides brands with the tools they need to make evidence-based decisions regarding their performance marketing. We’ll provide your business with everything it needs to manage and control its data. Even better, try choosing influencers who already have an interest in your brand — this might just be enough of an incentive for them to promote your products or services. An involved affiliate program is when an affiliate promotes your products or services and actually uses those products or services themselves, too.

  • Attempting affiliate management yourself can waste a lot of time and resources you could instead be spending on your business.
  • We can advise you on the most appropriate terms to include, such as the ideal cookie window and commission structure.
  • From sourcing and establishing affiliate relationships, managing offers, and setting up analytical reports to optimizing campaigns, there’s a lot of work that you’ll need to take on if you’re going it alone.
  • The downside is pretty obvious, though; you’re putting your products or services in front of an audience that you know nothing about.
  • In fact, according to affiliate marketing statistics, almost 65% of affiliate marketers generate website traffic through blogging.

We work across more than 214 countries and territories, offering both local expertise and global capabilities. Brands need to be considering each of these segments to truly maximize sales. They assist with recruitment lists, placement options, and seasonal tips & tricks to fully optimize a program. Neither of you can do this without the right tools, so your program’s functionality is crucial. With the variety of available options at the market, it’s evident that going with the first option, the SaaS platform, is wiser. Probably the strongest argument in favor of joining several networks is the intention to go internationally.


With an anti-fraud detection feature, your software can identify any repeated sign-ups or orders from the same IP location and let you block them. Moreover, it has an anti-fraud Clickshield that protects your affiliate program against bot traffic. You can also track and assess your campaigns remotely through its mobile app. Its anti-fraud kit—which is available for Grow and Custom Plan holders—can spot bot and other invalid traffic in real-time to prevent them from tarnishing your ad’s reputation.

Step-by-step guide how to start with an affiliate SaaS platform?

Programs generally offer a CPA (cost-per-action) model, which means you’ll get paid when your audience makes a purchase through your affiliate link. It’s also known for its automation tools to help streamline your business and earn more revenue. AffiliaXe is an affiliate network with global brands and opportunities that reach many countries and niches. The network provides an account manager to each affiliate, helping them optimize links, find good programs, and make as much money as possible. In addition, it also has a referral program where you earn 5% extra on any affiliates to refer to AffiliaXe.

This means paying the affiliate each time a new lead signs up to your newsletter or free trial. The next step is figuring out your commissions and payment structure; how and when will you be paying your affiliates? You’ll want to choose a payout structure that attracts and incentivizes affiliates to join, so think carefully about the kind of partner you’re targeting. It’s important to remember that your successful affiliates probably aren’t working for your brand alone.

Many companies will hire an in-house manager to help generate revenue from this channel, but find limitations early on after not having the rolodex that it takes to succeed like an affiliate agency. These can include bloggers (not all), social media influencers and resource owners. We’re here to help you every step of the way, and our built-in tools are designed to make affiliate program management easier so you can invest more resources into other parts of your business. As we mentioned earlier, affiliate marketing is a partnership, and you’ve got to keep your side of the deal.